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Leonard Armato – Founder and CEO

Leonard Armato has distinguished himself as a ground-breaking marketer, brand strategist, and entrepreneur, launching some of the world’s most renowned cross-industry careers, such as Shaquille O’Neal and Oscar de La Hoya. For years, he has been at the forefront of the convergence of sports, entertainment, marketing and technology. As Mr. Armato was the CMO of Skechers and President of Skechers Fitness Group, he orchestrated Skechers marketing campaigns that launched Skechers Performance Division utilizing celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Brook Burke, Joe Montana and Wayne Gretzy, and masterminded two Superbowl campaigns seen by hundreds of millions of viewers. Armato has recently focused on using music as an engine to build value in brand platforms, including artist and lifestyle brands and Armato has positioned songwriting/producing superstars “Rock Mafia” as an industry leader in this area. He has orchestrated some of the biggest brand campaigns in the world where music has been integrated in a groundbreaking way.

He continues to consult for and maintain relationships with some of the world’s most powerful Fortune 500 companies. With his keen eye for opportunity and ability to architect and execute highly sophisticated strategies, Mr. Armato consistently achieves extraordinary successes for MPE’s properties and select family of clients.


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