Shaquille O’Neal & Leonard Armato @ WORLDZ 2019

BitAngels Los Angeles, Entertainment & Blockchain Conference

The Playbook w/ David Meltzer

Legends of Sport: Leonard Armato

Win Daily Sports Show

The Power of Reinvention with Kathi Sharpe

Sports Like A Boss

Shaq and Management Plus

Southbay, From Basketball Courts to Sand Courts, Sports Powerhouse Knows Potential When He Sees It

NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal has more nicknames than even he can likely count. The favorite one of his former agent and South Bay native Leonard Armato is easy: The Big Aristotle. >>> READ MORE

‘War on the Floor’ concept could be just what the NBA needs

It was a scorching hot Thursday afternoon on Broadway in New York City back in September 1995, just three months after the Houston Rockets bested the Orlando Magic in the NBA Finals. The teams’ two superstars, Hakeem Olajuwon and Shaquille O’Neal, were sitting atop a dais at a makeshift stage for a press conference at the partially-constructed All-Star Cafe. >>> READ MORE

The David Stern that I Knew

There has already been so much written about the legend of David Stern, but I wanted to share my view of this amazing man and a few of my personal experiences. David was not just a mentor to me, but I was continually inspired by his incredible accomplishments, vision, business instinct, and by his heart. I’m proud to be characterized by him as a “close friend”. >>> READ MORE

2020 Forbes School of Business & Technology Thought Leader Summit -Sports Panel

The Female Quotient #EqualityLounge @ #NBAAllStar

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