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Brand Management

With an extensive background of building personal brands with institutional equity, and a track record of success in creating and growing lifestyle brands , MPE develops value propositions, brand positioning and go-to-market strategies to accelerate enterprise value through expert management consulting, corporate alliances, calculated positioning execution, and cohesive social and digital infrastructure, including influencer marketing.


Converting Celebrity to Brand Equity

MPE pioneered the art of converting Celebrity to Brand and has launched some of the world’s most renowned cross-industry careers, such as Shaquille O’Neal and Oscar de la Hoya. MPE works with talent at all stages of their careers as we help identify their unique positioning, create a career roadmap, build their personal brand, counsel clients on marketing opportunities, negotiate their agreements, and support them to excel both in their chosen profession and advise them on their purpose-driven and social impact activities.


Event Production

MPE has over 30 years of experience in creating, producing, managing and marketing first class entertainment and sporting events. Whether operating a multi-faceted tour or producing a one-off event, MPE can assist in connecting brands with fans and turning your events into effective marketing and sales platforms.


Management Plus Enterprises can offer the following event solutions:


  • Event Creation Development and Execution
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sponsorship Sales
  • Experiential Activation
  • Television Production and Strategy



Original Musical Brand Content → Experts in “Amplifying” messaging for Fortune 500 brands in ways that resonate with identified consumers in a meaningful way using original musical content generated from marketing briefs for brands, agencies and sports leagues


  • Sonic Signatures – Create unique sonic branding that engages consumers in the most powerful and positive way
    • Sonic Signatures are flexible and can be used across multiple target audiences and contexts
    • Sonic signatures can be embedded into custom music for brands


  • Theme Song / Custom “Hit” Songs – Custom brand-centric songs written to marketing briefs that can serve as “Hit singles” on their own, and/or songs that can incorporate Sonic Signature and uniquely ties in characteristics and “look and feel” of what the brand represents and conveys their message to consumers


  • Consultation Services – MPE is able to manage a brand’s musically-driven initiatives, including but not limited to securing and managing talent, video content, creating and curating music channels and libraries

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