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ChatGPT Shows Scary Implications Of AI As Insiders Fear The Robot.

Everyone is talking about the latest AI project, ChatGPT, and the responses have ranged from excitement to terror. In fact, ChatGPT has become such a cultural phenomenon that the site is operating at overcapacity, and you can’t even get on right now. Kind of like when you call the airline and they ask for your number and say they will text you when you are next in line.

Everyone is talking about the latest AI project, ChatGPT, and the responses have ranged from excitement to terror. In fact, ChatGPT has become such a cultural phenomenon that the site is operating at overcapacity, and you can’t even get on right now. Kind of like when you call the airline and they ask for your number and say they will text you when you are next in line.

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In the meantime, AI is already impacting various industries but none more visible or game changing than the sports business. The reason is that predicting future outcomes are essential to everything in sports. Think about some of the decisions that need to be made in real time. This type of predictive analysis based on data analytics has been around for a while introduced by the Oakland Athletics and its general manager Billy Beane who with a payroll of $44 Million was able to compete favorably with teams like the Yankees with a payroll of $125 Million. His character was famously played by Brad Pitt in the movie ‘’Moneyball,’’based on a book about Beane by the same name.

The basic premise of Moneyball was that statistical analysis, such as slugging percentage and on base percentage, was a more effective way to predict success that the business intuition of baseball insiders comprised of scouts and managers. The owner of the Oakland Athletics at the time, Lew Wolff, took a big gamble in giving Beane the latitude to test his thesis at a time when it was completely unknown. When I spoke to him, Wolff said, “People thought I was crazy to allow Billy to used statistics to make decisions instead of the intuition of the baseball experts.’’

All the major sports league are incorporating AI into everything they are doing particularly from a fan engagement perspective.

The NFL has already joined with AmazonAMZN -2.4% to gather AI insights. For example, they have launched an AI tool that combine seven AI models, including a new model to predict the value of a pass before the ball is thrown, to evaluate quarterback passing performance. The NBA is also incorporating AI into an engagement tool to provide fan with a deep analysis of the performance of teams and player in nearly every conceivable situation.

While ChatGPT currently doesn’t engage in predictive analysis it has made clear the power of AI to gather massive amounts of data can lead to better decision-making as relates to player and game time decisions and the implication for scouts, coaches and general managers These folks have so many important decisions to make critical to the success of the franchise such as:

Who to draft or trade for?

Should a particular player start or be inserted into the game?

In baseball the biggest decisions we see are when to yank a pitcher and which reliever to bring in, or when to pinch hit and who to call on. In basketball and football we have the same type of dilemma— who and when to substitute. Every part of the game is different with different statistics around every single play that occurs. With the power of AI we can literally examine millions of data points in real time to determine a far better predictive analysis than Billy Beane could using just slugging and on base percentage. AI can predict everything from expected performance if a player is inserted in the lineup or game, or a players career expectancy and likelihood of injury.

The implications of all this is that in the future with advance machine learning is daunting. The Lakers are a great example struggling to find the best supporting cast for LeBron James. With advanced AI, you don’t need a general manager to make decisions based on scouting reports or intuition to make the trade, the data will let you know the player that best fits the system. So gone will be GMs and scouts.

SAN DIEGO, CA – SEPTEMBER 30: LeBron James #23 of the Los Angeles reacts during a preseason game against the Denver Nuggets at Valley View Casino Center on September 30, 2018 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Next you talk about the coach. Predictive analysis will tell you when substitutions need to be made. And what plays need to be called. No guess work involved. Imagine the robot coach takes a time out and diagrams the play courtesy of AI. The only caveat is when a super star like LeBron James waives off the play and says he doesn’t want a robot coaching the team. Then the whole thing falls apart.

Lots of people feel that too much AI will lead to a dystopian world. I’m not so sure I disagree. Lebron, what do you think?

The NBA GOAT Debate Must Start by Setting the Ground Rules.

Written by Leonard Armato for

Written by Leonard Armato for

As we approach Lebron James passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the NBA’s all time scoring leader, the question of who is the NBA’s Greatest of All Time (GOATGOAT-0.8%) intensifies. Usually, the debate is whether it is Lebron or Michael but very few times does Kareem’s name enter the field. However, with Lebron about to pass Kareem’s record there will be more focus on Kareem’s accomplishments, besides his scoring milestone. So perhaps this becomes more of a 3-way conversation.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – DECEMBER 15: LeBron James #23 of the Los Angeles Lakers dunks against the Atlanta Hawks in the first half at State Farm Arena on December 15, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Debating the GOAT is always lots of fun but first we have to define the criteria for determining the GOAT. Is it just NBA performance that include MVPs, Championships, All Pro Selection, All Star appearances, points scored, rebounds and assists? Does it include influence on the game of basketball outside the NBA, such as high school and college basketball. And should it include impact on the business of sport or even social activism.

I would argue that each of these 3 have a legitimate claim on the title of GOAT depending on the criteria you use. For Michael, he won 6 championships and was 6-time MVP. He never lost in the Finals and was always Finals MVP. Michael was the ultimate “winner” and competitor, whose philosophy was “give no quarter and seek no quarter” from opponents or even teammates.

He also single handedly supercharged the NIKE brand with his “Air Jordan” moniker and besides NIKE became the ultimate pitchman for brands from Coke to Gatorade to McDonald’s to Fruit of the Loom.

Michael’s charisma was also largely responsible for making the NBA aspirational. He fit in perfectly with David Stern’s image of the NBA athlete: well spoken, dapper and remarkably gifted athletically. During Michael’s tenure the NBA sored so much in popularity so that David Stern once whispered to me: “how are we going to survive without him”. Somehow David and his successor, Adam Silver, found a way to do so. When Michael retired the NBA had roughly $2B in revenue where Adam Silver recently announced that the NBA’s 2022 revenue would surpass $10B.

(Original Caption) Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls gets set to dunk the ball during the slam dunk contest 2/8. Jordan won the contest.

Lebron came along in a era when high school athletes could go straight to the NBA and he did so with lots of fanfare. From the beginning it was clear he was a man among boys—big, extremely athletic and a virtually indestructible body. He developed an extraordinary feel for the game and has been the model of consistency… Perhaps he did not have Michael’s passion and tenacity for winning from the beginning, but Lebron developed more of that killer instinct over time and was able to display it in many key moments, winning 3 NBA Titles and 4 MVP awards and a record 18 All Star appearances. Lebron is about to break Kareem’s scoring record, a testament to long term consistency and at 38 years old playing some of the best basketball of his career. It has been reported that Lebron spends $1M per year maintaining his physical conditioning with the latest technologies and whatever he is doing is working. Off the court, Lebron has had quite an impact as well. His sports marketing deals are numerous, and he has built a highly successful entertainment company. Lebron has also led a movement to shift the balance of power in the NBA more if favor of the players and is known for his social and political activism. Some applaud him for his courageous stance on social justice issues while others believe he sometimes fires off social media posts that rush to judgment without full investigation and due consideration of the facts.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar #33, Center for the Los Angeles Lakers jumps to make a single handed lay up shot to the basket over #18 Hot Rod Williams, Center for the Cleveland Cavaliers during their NBA Pacific Division basketball game on 7th March 1987 at the The Forum arena in Inglewood, Los Angeles, California, United States. The Lakers won the game 122 – 118. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Allsport/Getty Images)

While Kareem is rarely mentioned in this GOAT conversation, his accomplishments are extraordinary and his impact on the game of basketball second to none. When Kareem was in high school, he was so dominant that the NCAA changed the rules of the game to prevent dunking the basketball because they felt he would dominate the game so much if allowed. Kareem adjusted to that rule change and developed his famous “sky hook”, the most unstoppable shot in NBA history. Moreover, when Kareem was playing no one was allowed to play in the NBA until their college class had graduated. So Kareem played 4 years at UCLA before entering the NBA. 2,325 plus about 750 as a Freshman, so roughly 3,000 points. With 4 more years in the NBA Kareem would have certainly extended his scoring record well beyond where it is now, likely over 40,000 points. He also may have even extended his number of 6 MVPs and 6 NBA Championships to go with his 15 All Star appearances. People may not recall, but Kareem preceded Lebron in social activism. He was photographed with Martin Luther King at age 17 and was front and center during many gatherings protesting racial injustice. He continues to be an accomplished author, social commentator and respected intellectual.

As the GOAT debate continues to simmer, my view is that it cannot be resolved in a truly objective manner. No one can agree on the criteria, context or what’s most important in settling this debate. Let’s just celebrate as Kareem says, “The Evolution of Excellence” and appreciate the one thing these amazing athletes share: that they are truly remarkable on and off the basketball court.

Damar Hamlin’s Life-Threatening Injury Is Wake-Up Call For NFL.

Written by: Leonard Armato for

Written by: Leonard Armato for

When Damar Hamlin collapsed and was administered CPR on the field during the NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals it seemed as if the world stood still—on the field, in the broadcast booth, among those watching on TV, and soon those connected via social media. Hamlin’s heart had stopped and had to be resuscitated via CPR combined with the use of a defibrillator.

CINCINNATI, OHIO – JANUARY 02: Buffalo Bills[-]
players huddle after teammate Damar Hamlin #3 collapsed following a tackle against the Cincinnati Bengals during the first quarter at Paycor Stadium on January 02, 2023 in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)

When I spoke with Dr. Mariell Jessup, Chief Science and Medical Officer of the American Heart AssociationAHA (AHA) about the incident, she said, “treatment like this within moments of collapse is absolutely essential in saving someone’s life.” Fortunately, the Bills staff was prepared to administer treatment on the spot and most recently the team issued a statement that Hamlin has made “remarkable improvement” towards recovery.

People often search for purpose in their life, wondering, what they were put on earth to do and what type of mark they will make to improve the lives of others. Hamlin, who showed his commitment to giving back, may also have a lasting effect on the culture of the NFL as his case can change the way the NFL treats its players as compared with others sports.

Historically, NFL players were viewed by the public and thought of as gladiators, willing to sacrifice their bodies at all costs for the good of the team and the fans. All this despite death, paralysis and even dismemberment.

During the period of the San Francisco 49ers dynasty in the 1980s, I was the agent for NFL Hall of Famer and perhaps the greatest defensive back of all time, and fiercest hitter in the game, Ronnie Lott. When Lott was playing his goal was to “knock people out” on the opposing team. That’s how you gained respect among your peers. That was the culture of a combatant in battle.

Lott was such a warrior that nothing was more important to him than the game he was playing for his teammates and for the fans. I was with him at the doctor’s office when Lott famously ordered the doctor to cut off the tip of his pinky finger, so he could resume playing the following weekend. While it is part of the folklore that will follow him forever, Lott looks back on that day introspectively. When asked why he chose to amputate his finger rather than miss a game, Lott said it was all about the culture of football.

“I was brought up in a military family who would sacrifice themselves for others and I admired the players before me played injured and with broken bones, people like Larry Wilson and Jack Youngblood,” Lott said at the time. But looking back Lott regrets the decision: “We have become gladiators and we need to bring more compassion to the game.” This “gladiator” culture has produced a number of tragic NFL incidents that have historically been swept aside.

UNITED STATES – OCTOBER 13: Football: Chicago[-]
Bears Walter Payton (34) in action, scoring TD vs San Francisco 49ers Ronnie Lott (42), San Francisco, CA 10/13/1985 (Photo by Peter Read Miller/Sports Illustrated via Getty Images) (SetNumber: X32223)

Charles Frederick Hughes who played for the Detroit Lions, suffered a fatal heart attack in the middle of a game with the Chicago Bears in 1971. The game continued.

In 1978, Jack Tatum of the then Oakland Raiders administered a hit on New England Patriots wide receiver Daryl Stingley. The result was that Stingley was paralyzed and spent the remainder of his life in a wheelchair until he died at age 55. The game went on.

In 1991, Detroit Lions guard Mike Utley hit his head on artificial turf in the 4th quarter of a game, paralyzing him from the chest down. He was taken off the field and the game resumed.

In 1997, Detroit Lions linebacker Reggie Brown suffered a severe spinal cord injury after being tackled leaving him motionless on the turf for 17 minutes. After he was administered CPR and carted away, the game recommenced.

In 2001, Pro Bowler Korey Stringer of the Minnesota Vikings collapsed and died from heat exhaustion during a scorching hot day at training camp and nothing stopped.

In 2007, Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett spinal cord was nearly severed by a hit and lay motionless on the field for 15 minutes as medics worked to stabilize him, get him on a stretcher and take him to the hospital. The game continued.

Moreover, there have been numerous instances of players and former players suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a neurodegenerative disease associated with repetitive head trauma. According to a study of former college football players, 87% showed the diagnostic signs of CTE and among former National Football League (NFL) players in the sample, that number jumped to 99%.

To their credit, in the case Damar Hamlin, the NFL stopped the game, and whether it will in fact be finished has yet to be determined. Dr. Jessup believes that our culture is becoming more compassionate when witnessing the possibility of death or grave injury and the NFL’s reaction is a reflection of that cultural shift. In recent years, the NFL has also tried to address health issues by instituting a series of rules that addressed spinal cord injuries (no helmet first spearing or hitting a defenseless player or blows to the head) which dramatically decreased spinal injuries and the most vicious of collisions which are primary cause of concussions and CTE. However, it is less than clear the long term effects of the continual impact that is the essence of what football is all about.

This is the elephant in the room because football is the most popular sport in the USA and there are rabid fans and massive amounts of money generated by the sport. So I don’t expect anything drastic to happen soon. But if you ask parent’s these days whether they want their kids to play football, the majority answer with a resounding no.

ORCHARD PARK, NY – SEPTEMBER 19: Damar Hamlin #3[-]
of the Buffalo Bills after a game against the Tennessee Titans at Highmark Stadium on September 19, 2022 in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)

However, the Hamlin situation shines a light on something that can be changed immediately, namely the way the NFL treats its players compared to the other major sports leagues. The NFL stands alone as the only major sports league that does not guarantee player contracts despite the fact that football is the most violent and dangerous of all sports, and has the shortest average career length of 3.3 years compared to the NBA 4.8 years and MLB 5.6 years.

Moreover, the NFL requires 3 years plus of service in order to “vest” and qualify for pension benefits and health care post retirement. Since Hamlin is only in his second year of service, he does not qualify for any of this.

As we pray for Hamlin’s full and complete recovery, we have hope that he will be able to look back and say that the suffering he endured improved the compassion and culture in the NFL and secured salary, medical and pension benefits for rank and file NFL players. The time is now for the NFL to step up and proactively grant these important rights to all players and should become a standard part of every NFL contract.